Craft a bold brand identity with Orbit.

Orbit offers a complete brand identity solution, encompassing logo design, brand colors, typography, patterns, stationary design, and more, to establish a striking and unified brand presence.

How Orbit works

Discovery and Vision

During this initial phase, we dive deep into your brand’s essence, goals, and values. Through thorough discussions and research, we understand your unique identity and aspirations. Together, we envision the future of your brand, setting the stage for a bold transformation.

Creative Exploration

In this stage, we unleash our creativity to craft a compelling visual identity. We begin with meticulous logo design, capturing the essence of your brand in a powerful symbol. The palette of brand colors, typography, patterns, and more, are carefully curated to resonate with your audience, ensuring a consistent and impactful presence.

Identity Refinement

Collaboration takes center stage as we refine and tailor the brand elements to perfection. Working closely with you, we fine-tune the logo, colors, typography, and patterns, ensuring they seamlessly encapsulate your brand’s personality and promise. As an integrated part of this process, we extend the newly crafted identity to tangible materials, such as business cards, letterheads, and other stationery essentials, bringing your brand’s professional image to life.

Launch and Brand Unveiling

With the brand identity solidified, the stage is set for the grand launch. We orchestrate a strategic rollout plan that maximizes your brand’s impact. From online platforms to offline touchpoints, your bold new identity takes center stage, captivating your audience and leaving an indelible mark. As your brand takes its triumphant stride into the market, you can expect a wave of engagement and resonance that heralds the beginning of a new era.

Orbit includes:

Logo Design

Primary Logo
Secondary Logo
Brand Icon

Color Palette

Captivating Hues
Harmonious Combination
Versatile Application


Personality and Readability
Header and Body Fonts
Font Pairing


Business Cards
Envelopes and More

Market Insights

Audience Understanding
Competitive Landscape
Market Analysis

Brand Strategy

Clear Direction
Goal Alignment
Consistent Messaging

Brand Guidelines

Unified Branding
Platform Adaptation
Guidance for Creatives

And More

Communication Templates
Social Media Design

Transform your brand with Orbit – from captivating logo designs and dynamic brand colors to distinctive typography, engaging patterns, sleek stationery, and beyond. Forge an unforgettable and cohesive brand presence that commands attention.



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Orbit is designed for:

Startups and Emerging Brands

Entrepreneurs and new ventures seeking to establish a strong and memorable brand identity from the outset, setting the stage for growth and recognition.

Launch with Impact
Memorable First Impressions
Strategic Growth Partner
Stand Out in Crowded Markets
Flexible and Adaptable

Rebranding and Revitalization Seekers

Established businesses looking to rejuvenate their brand presence, breathe new life into their image, and reconnect with their audience for renewed success.

Revive and Reconnect
Elevated Relevance
Strategic Brand Overhaul
Renewed Market Engagement
Navigate Change Confidently

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Brands built with Orbit

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Empowering governments and municipalities with a headless web builder, forging digital landscapes that amplify civic engagement and efficiency.

Step into a world of vintage allure with Da-Sebra Vintage, your premier online destination for curated retro fashion treasures.

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