An on-demand design subscription to elevate your brand.

Launchpad is your brand’s gateway to consistent, high-quality design work without the hassle of endless meetings and complex project management. Set your brand’s trajectory with a straightforward, subscription-based design service that understands the heart of your brand.

The Launchpad process

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Mission Alignment

Take off with a one-on-one consultation to align with our team. We’ll chart your brand’s course, understand your vision, and tailor a Trello ecosystem for your ongoing design needs. This is where your brand’s personality and our expertise fuse, setting the coordinates for design excellence.

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Launch your Trello Ecosystem

Navigate your brand’s creative journey with a dedicated Trello board. Here, your team can drop in design requests, view progress, and adjust priorities with ease. It’s your brand’s design dashboard, empowering you with full visibility and control without overwhelming your inbox.

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Creative Execution

As tasks land in our queue, we accelerate into action, dedicating our expertise to your brand’s visual needs. We honor your subscription’s hours with focused creativity, ensuring each design not only meets but exceeds your brand’s expectations.

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Feedback & Adjustments

Through Trello or scheduled reviews, provide insights and adjustments to refine the designs. This ensures each piece not only aligns with but also enhances your brand’s vision, ensuring no time is lost in translation.

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Transparent Tracking & Allocation

Our clear, hour-based subscription model means you’ll never overcommit. Track the hours dedicated to your brand, understand where the focus has been, and plan your design needs with transparency and foresight.

Launchpad is designed for:

Growing Brands that Value Time and Quality

No-Fuss, Direct Design Deliverables
Consistent Brand Identity Development
Ongoing Creative Support

Busy Entrepreneurs and Teams

Less Time in Meetings, More Time Making Moves
Design Tasks Off Your Plate, Onto Ours
Flexible Interaction to Suit Your Schedule

Launchpad subscription pricing:

$625 | 5 Hours

per month

Ignite your brand’s visual journey with a nimble 5-hour block, perfect for essential design updates and fresh creatives each month.

$1,000 | 10 Hours

Per Month

Enhance your brand’s impact with 10 hours of professional design work, a balanced investment for evolving projects and consistent brand refinement.

$1,800 | 20 Hours

Per Month

Unlock full-spectrum creative support with 20 hours dedicated to your brand’s growth, ensuring a robust and dynamic presence in all your design endeavors.

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