Branding & Identity, Websites & Digital Experiences

Ureeka - A small business development platform.

Branding & Identity, Websites & Digital Experiences

Ureeka - A small business development platform.


A New Beginning

The Challenge

Ureeka is a groundbreaking business development platform aimed at creating opportunities in marketing, finance, community, and management for small businesses across the United States. Unfortunately, just like many other businesses, Ureeka poured 100% of its efforts into the products and services they were providing for their customers leaving their own business with little to no time for marketing and development. TwentyThree.Five was tasked with revamping the digital experiences across desktop and mobile to better represent Ureeka to their existing and potential customers.

Our Approach

We spent many weeks working with Ureeka to identify pain points across their website, sales funnels, and marketing strategies to identify what improvements could be made to their digital experiences. We concluded that the tools and systems Ureeka had been using previously were no longer adequate for their long term goals allowing us to rebuild their digital experiences from the ground up. This flexibility ushered in dozens of features and experiences that allowed us to transform Ureeka’s website and applications into a cohesive and beautiful platform for small businesses.

Web Design

A Complete Digital Experience —

Website and application changes that reconnected Ureeka.

Prior to the changes we made you could clearly see a disconnect between the application and the website not only from a design perspective, but a functionality perspective as well. We worked closely with the marketing and development teams at Ureeka to update the website and application in a way that would seamlessly connect the two creating one consistent digital experience.

Graphic Design

Visual Continuity —

How we made our pictures truly worth 1,000 words.

Far too often we see images on websites used to fill awkward space or add color to the page. To many of our clients’ surprise, images are not meant for that purpose. Images are meant to convey the same information you’ve written out, in a visual format. TwentyThree.Five being a team of visual learners and thinkers, we prioritize consistent storytelling through graphics and pictures to create an easy viewing experience for visitors just skimming through.

Identity Design

The New Ureeka —

The finishing touches on a massive project.

UI/UX design and cool graphics can only get you so far in this ever evolving digital landscape. The most important part of working with Ureeka is often an overlooked step in the development process; discovering your identity. Without knowing who you are from a messaging, visual, and value perspective, you have no roadmap for the changing roads ahead of you. We had the opportunity to help create that identity for Ureeka.

Project Details


Digital Experiences


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Ureeka, Inc.

Launch Crew

Coleman Milligan
Jacob Froese
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