Branding & Identity

Pawnee Painting - Residential and commercial painting.

Branding & Identity

Pawnee Painting - Residential and commercial painting.


Painting the future

The Challenge

Pawnee Painting is a Taylorsville Utah based home and commercial painting business. They specialize in new construction but do offer repainting services as well. Like many of the brands we work with, Pawnee Painting isn’t innovating anything or breaking into a new industry. They are offering a service and competing with other businesses based on price and their work. This means they are competing against very similar businesses and they need any competitive edge they can get. Because most skilled painters’ work is indistinguishable from another, the main competitive edge we could help with was branding and marketing. We worked with Pawnee Painting to create a lighthearted and complete brand that will make scaling in this competitive industry easier.

Our Approach

We started off by looking at the local competition and seeing what they were missing. In our findings, we noticed a lack of consistency, creativity, and communication. We started out by creating a brand that embodied the lighthearted energy of the owner, Alec EchoHawk. We used bright and bold colors paired with a round serif font to create that vibe. We then worked on ways to communicate with existing and potential customers. We created all the standard marketing materials and then explored others. We wanted to increase visibility to everyone so we designed lawn signs, door hangers, leave behind cards, etc. This allowed for Pawnee Painting to be seen by neighbors and a card the customer could pass onto a family member or friend. We put a huge focus on creating a brand that was consistent with itself throughout all marketing materials including lawn signs, business cards, the website, door hangers, and vinyl wraps.

Project Details


Branding & Identity


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Launch Crew

Jake Froese
Em Furukawa
Coleman Milligan