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Passive Logic - Control Your World.

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Passive Logic - Control Your World.


What Is Generalized Autonomy?

The Challenge

As the world continues to advance, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more relevant. At this point everybody has heard of the different kinds of AI as well as the different use cases that one day will help shape our world. One use case may be flying under the radar today, but will have a major and lasting impact on day to day life in the future. That is where Passive Logic comes into play. Passive Logic is creating hardware and software to help create autonomous cities of the future. Although it might not seem as exciting as self driving vehicles, or 3D renders, Passive Logic’s vision will help shape the future of building, infrastructure, and life. One of the struggles they experienced was explaining this future to people like you and me. Unless you are heavily invested in the world of artificial intelligence, a lot of what Passive Logic is doing won’t make much sense. It was our goal to change that.

Our Approach

In order to effectively create visuals for this brand we needed to become experts in the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and truly understand the future that Passive Logic is trying to create. We began by spending 8+ hours with experts in this world discussing the technology, the use cases, and the benefits to fully understand why anybody should care about AI. After becoming “experts” in AI we were tasked with creating branded visuals that would progress the story of Passive Logic while still being intriguing and informative to regular people. We worked with the team at Passive Logic to create 3D models that broke down the complexities of the business into more digestible pieces of information when paired with text. Unlike some of our other projects, it is nearly impossible to tell the full story of their business and their goals using only graphics and other visual story telling elements. Due to the complexity of the business we worked closely with AI experts and copywriters to create eye-catching 3D elements that would accompany text on the website and other marketing materials.

Identity Design

Understanding AI —

How we created 3D models that appeal to experts & amateurs.

As we mentioned before, we are not experts in artificial intelligence (AI) or autonomous building software. We were lucky enough to meet with experts in the field which helped us design and create 3D models that would live on the website, tradeshow graphics, and more. Below you can see our process for breaking down the different groups that this technology will benefit and how we can make that into something eye-catching and unique.

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