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Frontline Group - Helping passionate leaders innovate.

Branding & Identity, Photography, Web Design

Frontline Group - Helping passionate leaders innovate.


Simple designs for a complex industry

The Challenge

Frontline Group is a company that operates in the highly competitive call center market. Frontline Group was started in the early 2000’s by Jill Blankenship and now provides contact center solutions to major brands around the United States with a staff of 300+ remote agents. In addition to Frontline Group, Jill Blankenship is also a founder of OurDivorce, another one of our clients. The call center world has evolved a lot since the 2000’s and it has become very challenging to teach business owners about what Frontline Group has to offer. Essentially rebranding the business to be more accessible to business owners big and small was no easy task.

Our Approach

We had to start by understanding what Frontline Group actually does. After days of research and Q&A’s with call center experts we finally understood what Frontline Group does and why the industry has become so complex. So how do we take something that took us days to understand and turn it into a visual or short paragraph? Well, we don’t. We knew we had to create visuals that explained just enough to give you an idea of what you were looking at but connected with you so that you would take a deeper look. Here is what we came up with.

Graphic Design

Assets that connect —

People instead of paragraphs.

One of the problems that Frontline Group had experienced with their old website and branding was having too much text, and not enough assisting visuals. A new site visitor would be greeted with paragraphs of text explaining what Frontline Group does. By creating assets that gave the visitor an idea of what Frontline Group does we were able to remove the paragraphs of explanation and direct the visitor to what they were looking for more effectively.

Web & application design

The internet is evolving faster than ever which means your online presence needs to be updated far more frequently. Although Frontline Group had a decent website, it became dated very quickly as trends moved away from the style they had chosen just a few years ago. We designed the new website to be clean and informative while keeping up on design trends. Gradients and glassmorphism are just gaining more traction in 2021 and offer flexibility moving forward.

Before After
Before After

Icons to assist

Custom icons are a subtle way to make your website stand out. Everyone can subconsciously recognize an icon that has been used on every other website for years. Creating your own is an easy way to convey the same message while being different. You can see more about our custom icon creation on our OurDivorce portfolio.

Icon illustration of phone call
Icon illustration of cloud storage
Icon illustration of key
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