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Frontline Group Testimonial

In today’s blog, Justin, the President of Finance, Marketing, and Sales at Frontline, shares his experience working with us at TwentyThree.Five. He discusses our impact on Frontline Group’s reputation and awareness, citing the rebranding project, graphic design work, and consistent voice behind the company as the biggest wins. Justin also appreciates TwentyThree.Five’s accessibility, responsiveness, and collaborative environment that helps him brainstorm ideas and receive honest feedback. He highlights his ability to get a hold of our team directly and our personalized approach that provides the same resources and attention as a big company but with a small business feel. Overall, Justin recommends TwentyThree.Five to anyone looking to achieve consistency, collaboration, and growth for their brand. Read on to learn more about his experience with us:

“Hey guys I’m Justin with Frontline. I’m in charge of marketing and sales for Frontline group and I love TwentyThree.Five.”

How has working with TwentyThree.Five impacted your business?

“I mean you guys have been awesome, you know–like I think just from the Rebrand: bringing our logo from what was outdated, to what I feel now looks more in-tread with the times; The copy and the graphic work you guys have done for us I’ve been really happy with;

The website updates; The newsletters for our customers with the Breezy (mascot) and putting a face behind the brand as well; The consistency that we’ve experienced around our posting: one of our objectives for last year was really to focus on our social presence, (on) LinkedIn we were able to double our LinkedIn follower-count over a six month period–so lots of wins there; The in-person meetings and how you take the time to really explain the logic behind the “why’s” we do things, and even (just) simply breaking down like reputation scores and how SEO really is meant to work–it’s nice to come in and not just be co-workers but also learn in the process.”

What sets our agency apart from other agencies you’ve worked with in the past?

“I’d just say like: the relationship. The fact that I can put faces with names. You guys operate like a smaller company, but give the same resources and attention as a big one. The big differentiator to me is the ability to get a hold of you directly, if I have things that are kind of high priority initiatives for the business I’m able to text or get quick replies to my emails. It feels a little bit more personal, so it’s like boutique-level support with the small business feel but you’re able to support our growing business which is a big deal.”

What is a specific project we have worked on together and the results you saw?

“I think the the brand relaunch was was a big one, when we first started working together in a more full-time capacity with your group we knew that frontline’s logo was a little outdated, I think it was kind of developed back in early 2000s, and you guys had presented to me a vision of what you think the logo should look like which I loved. We were able to execute on that Rebrand relatively quickly I think. After we made the decision on the logo we wanted we had website updates launched within a week, then really just systematically the way you guys were able to help us work through collateral like company letterheads, Zoom backgrounds, and basically everything we needed in order to operate with the new logo. It felt like it moved very smoothly. I’d say within 30 days of the final decision all of our collateral was up to date and (we received) great customer feedback on the new logo.”

How has TwentyThree.Five helped you achieve your marketing goals?

“I don’t know that marketing goals are ever “achieved”, right? It seems like it’s it’s an ever-evolving area of focus, but I would say: getting consistent voice behind Frontline (has) been the biggest win for us: being consistent (in) the way we post on social–it’s almost like when I when I get onto our sites and or when I get onto my personal LinkedIn then I’m constantly seeing the newest update from our business–which I think is important (because it) means anybody that’s following our company is probably experiencing the same thing; and well, back to the to the logo–I think bringing the brand into the future!”

What was the process of working with our team like from start to finish?

“Honestly I think it’s just more like an extension of the team. Since actively engaging with TwentyThree.Five it just feels like with (Coleman) and Jake I have the relationships with you guys (and) you’re always very accessible, quick to respond, and easy to work with. We have great brainstorming sessions, when we do meet I think it’s a really collaborative environment where we’re comfortable enough to just talk about our ideas and you guys give honest feedback to me–and I feel like (I) receive the feedback equally as well, so it’s been great.”

Can you tell us about a time when we went above and beyond for you or your business?

“I think the above and beyond is when we met in person and you really sketched out for me (the) “here’s what we anticipate next year to look like” and you delivered that in a meaningful way. So when the QBR came you had put together the presentation, the plan, the budget, and what it would look like to execute on that. So the fact that you guys are taking the time to sit down and brainstorm about our business and what we could do to continue to accelerate the growth of the company, but not just talking about it, putting it together in detail and then delivering.”

How has TwentyThree.Five helped improve your brand awareness and reputation?

“By putting a voice behind the company and consistency in the way that we post right now. We’re still–I’d say–relatively in the infant stages in the sense of what we’re looking to accomplish, but getting the consistency and the cadences behind the brand (under) a common voice. All of our content goes out, it’s got the same feel, the same look, and more importantly it’s happening on a consistent regular basis with really no thought on my end: we talk about it, you guys put together the plan, you have a team that will go execute on it, and I think consistency is key if you really want to bang the drum behind any brand!”

What would you say to someone who is considering working with TwentyThree.Five?

“Do it.”

How has TwentyThree.Five helped you stay ahead of the competition?

“To me it’s really centered around that same plan that was shared when we went into our SKO and marketing presentation for the leadership team this year, and really putting some thought behind you guys operating and thinking like an owner in the sense of like “hey, here’s what we would do”. I know you’ve taken classes down at the (university of Utah) for marketing and sharing the learnings that you’ve gotten from there, bringing them into the business and into our meetings. It drives good dialogue between Frontline and TwentyThree.Five, but also one thing I don’t think you’re fully aware of is: it also drives that internal dialogue. I always drive away from our meetings thinking about new things and getting creative. I’m just really excited about all that we’ve got ready to go and as we execute on it you look to see growth happen over the course of the year–which I’m confident will.”

How has TwentyThree.Five helped you reach new customers and grow your business?

“I think (as) part of our sales process, and I don’t know if you guys know this, but you created the kind of that one-pager which is an introduction to Frontline and what we’re all about. It opens conversation because we have essentially two main business units that you guys work with me on: our service and the call center side. So just some of the collateral that I’ve been given has been able to drive conversations in different directions where they may not have gone without it. It’s a quick snapshot, I thought it was a beautiful one-pager that you created for our sales team where we just essentially can share it with the customer to ensure they understand everything our business does, and it opens these these calls up to more opportunity than initially meets the eye because of the collateral that we’re able to share. I think it’s definitely done a great job generating additional revenues.”


Working with TwentyThree.Five has been a game-changer for Frontline Group. Our team’s impact on their business has been nothing short of amazing. We have helped them with a brand relaunch that brought their outdated logo up to speed and made it more in-line with modern practices. The graphic work and copy we’ve done for Frontline Group is also top-notch, and we’ve seen a significant improvement in their social media traction, particularly on LinkedIn where we were able to double their follower-count over a six-month period. What sets TwentyThree.Five apart is our ability to provide boutique-level support despite offering big-business capabilities. We’ve helped them achieve their marketing goals by providing consistency in the way they post on social media, which has greatly improved their brand awareness and reputation. If you’re considering working with TwentyThree.Five, Justin’s advice would be to do it!

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