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Blast off with a brand that stands out among the stars. From out-of-this-world logo design to interstellar marketing materials, we’ll work with you to develop a brand that truly represents your business and takes your audience on a journey through the cosmos.

Why is branding and graphic design important?

Branding and graphic design work are essential for any business, as they help to create a visual identity that can be easily recognized and remembered by customers. A well-designed logo, for example, can be a powerful symbol that represents a company’s values and mission. Additionally, a consistent branding strategy across all marketing materials can help to establish trust and credibility with potential customers.

Graphic design work also plays a crucial role in creating effective marketing materials. A well-designed brochure or website can be a powerful tool for communicating a company’s message and promoting its products or services. Effective graphic design can also help to grab the attention of potential customers and make a memorable impression.

In addition, branding and graphic design work can also help to differentiate a business from its competitors. By creating a unique visual identity and messaging, a company can stand out in a crowded marketplace and attract more customers. This can be especially important for businesses in highly competitive industries.

Overall, branding and graphic design work can play a key role in building a company’s reputation, establishing trust with customers, and differentiating it from competitors. It is an investment that can pay off in the long run by helping to grow the business and increase revenue.

Em Furukawa


Hi, I’m Em and I am the graphic designer of the team! My first introduction to digital media and asset creation was when I joined my high school’s film production team, where I gained enough skills to receive a student Emmy nomination for my 2D animation composite by the end of that school year. I was very passionate about creating 2D animation in a society that was becoming increasingly drawn to 3D animation, and most of my works were created to celebrate the small imperfections of hand-drawn images. In 2018, my first animated film, “Bill & Piiq” was nominated and screened at the FMAD Film Festival. This propelled me into pursuing digital media design, and despite my career trajectory heading towards becoming a professional ballerina, I continued to explore other mediums, including vector illustration and 3D modeling. I joined TwentyThree.Five in the midst of the pandemic, a time that made pursuing a performance career seem like a delusional dream. Burnt out from 18 years of ballet training, I made a career switch and jumped into the digital marketing industry. Here, I have met amazing people who appreciate the art that I created and most of all, allowed me to live a childhood dream of making a living from being an artist.

Creativity is a powerful skill, and I am very excited to collaborate with you to see what magic we can create! Share with me your unique visions and I will make them into tangible assets that are perfectly fit for your business.

Coleman Milligan


Hey there! I’m beyond excited you’re here looking at the possibility of starting a new branding or graphic design project! Here at TwentyThree.Five we believe its important you know exactly who you will be working with so you can feel comfortable throughout the entire process. I started my creative journey with graphic design back in ~2013 on a family computer in our living room. Throughout the years I expanded my horizons to other creative mediums and fields including painting, photography, videography, and web design. During college I decided I wanted to turn these creative passions into a job and ended up starting TwentyThree.Five.

I am well versed in the Adobe Creative Suite and have education and extensive experience in branding, design principles, color theory, UI/UX design, and ideation. With these skills I am able to manage the team in an effective and strategical way in order to get consistent and effective assets delivered to you. The TwentyThree.Five design team and I can’t wait to help transform your business!

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