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Stay ahead of the curve: Our weekly trend report email keeps you informed of the latest industry developments and social media trends, so you can stay ahead of your competition and make informed decisions about your social media strategy.

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Optimize your social media presence: Our platform best practices provide you with the most effective strategies and techniques for maximizing your social media performance. By implementing these best practices, you can increase engagement, reach more potential customers, and ultimately grow your brand online.

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A great choice for people trying to get organized and stay on top of their social media.
2 Trends Per Week • Billed Monthly
  • Monthly Trend Report Email
  • Platform Best Practices
  • Email Opt-In
  • 30 Day Free Trial


Perfect for small businesses or individuals looking to grow an audience.
7 Trends Per Week • Billed Monthly
  • Weekly Trend Report Email
  • Platform Best Practices
  • Email Opt-In
  • 28 Trends Per Month


Ideal for growing brands that need a more comprehensive content strategy.
12 Trends Per Week • Billed Monthly
  • Everything In Growth Plus:
  • Industry Specific Trends & Best Practices
  • Email Reminders & Tips
  • 48 Trends Per Month