Social Media

Forty Three Bakery - An elevated bakery.

Social Media

Forty Three Bakery - An elevated bakery.


Teaching the target audience

The Challenge

Forty Three Bakery is an amazing bakery located in Salt Lake City that makes some of the most creative pastries in the state. The name, Forty Three Bakery, comes from the average elevation of Salt Lake City which is 4,300 feet above sea level. Andrew opened the bakery a few years ago under a different name and has been creating interesting menu items that have caught the attention of tourists and locals alike. This year, the name of the bakery changed to Forty Three Bakery. Along with the name change came big changes to the branding and online presence. One of those changes was on social media, which was a particular interest of Andrews. With a new name and brand, many of the existing followers would jump ship. Unfortunately, Andrew didn’t have enough time to rebuild the social media accounts back up to a healthy place. Our goal was to create content that was familiar to existing followers, and exciting for new followers in order to generate more brand awareness to the new name, and drive foot traffic to their physical location.

Our Approach

We considered a number of different social media platforms to manage for Forty Three Bakery including; TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. We ultimately decided that the best place to put our efforts would be into TikTok due to the incredible ability to reach out to new people. We took over the TikTok as Andrew and his team upkept the other social media accounts. As with all of our social media clients, we dedicate many weeks to testing in order to create a long term and effective strategy. We started with trends, and then introduced short talking videos, and then long talking videos, all the way until we’d tested almost every different kind of content. We found success in the talking videos because of the amazing energy Andrew brings to the table. In those talking videos we continued the testing to see what kind of topics our growing audience would be interested in. We ended up finding great success in stories and baking tips. To this day, we continue to create entertaining yet informative content that teaches our target audience about the business, about baking, and most importantly – how to have a good time.

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Forty Three Bakery

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Kenna Ryan
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